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The Seener-G Energy Management Solution provides an efficient, fault proof technology aimed at helping its customers reduce energy consumption by eliminating energy waste, increasing visibility of energy usage patterns, identifying equipment failure in advance and suggesting best practices for energy efficiency.

At the heart of system is the MD 2000 product family which, in tandem with industry standard sensor technology, collects vital information on energy consumption.

Powerful analysis tools decipher this endless stream of information and provide customers with clear, concise information on the cost of energy inefficiencies and insights on how to eliminate them.

The Seener-G Energy Management Solution is an invaluable tool in the strategic planning and day to day operation of facilities of every type.


The MD 2000 is at the heart of the data collection process On one hand it is connected to the sensors, collecting, tagging and storing their data in its internal memory. On the other hand, the MD 2000 transmits the data to the central server for processing by the Seener-G Energy Analysis Software. The MD 2000 models differ from each other by the sensor connectivity protocols supported, the communication method to the server, the amount of local storage available to prevent data loss and special features. Below is a comparison table for the different MD 2000 models.

Product DC Input Sensor  Connectivity Server
DataLogging Capacity
MD 2001 24V DC 2 A ModBus RS 485, Pulse GPRS 1 Hour
MD 2002 24V DC 2 A RS-232 GPRS 1 Hour
MD 2002-1 24V DC 2 A ModBus RS-485 GPRS 8 Hours
MD 2002-2 24V DC 2 A ModBus RS 485, Pulse GPRS 8 Hours
MD 2003 24V DC 2 A Pulse GPRS 1 Hour
MD 2003-1 24V DC 2 A Pulse GPRS 8 Hours
MD 2006 24V DC 2 A RS-485/RS 232 Ethernet 8 Hours
MD 2007 24V DC 2 A ModBus RS 485, Pulse ADSL 8 Hours
MD 2008 24V DC 2 A ModBus RS 485, Pulse Wi-Fi 8 Hours