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Seener-G offers a practical and affordable solution for energy management and savings, suitable for every possible environment: Industry, retail, commercial and public facilities. We bridge the gap between energy conservation, operational efficiency and company objectives.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers obtain a tangible ROI, generating savings and profits by operating within maximum energy efficiency guidelines, without compromising on company production or operational goals. We offer managers valuable knowledge on how efficient the operation of their facilities actually is, while providing tools and suggestions to improve their overall performance. We also take great pride in our contribution to helping our customers consume less energy, and thus becoming a more environment friendly facility.

Tibi Hertz – CEO
Mr. Hertz is the founder and CEO of Seener-G.
Since moving to Israel in 1976, Tibi has worked in some of the leading industrial companies in the country as a designer, supervisor and Chief Electrical Engineer. In 2004, Tibi started his own consulting company, T. Hertz Consulting Engineers Ltd (www.thertz-eng.com), which he runs and manages to this day. Many of the insights and observations gained from his experience have become the foundation of the Seener-G Energy Management System.
Tibi Hertz holds an MSc. in Electrical Engineering and he is a member of the Association of Engineers, Architects and Graduates in Technological Sciences in Israel and the Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers In Israel.

Vladimir Brodyan – Project Manager
Vladimir Brodyan leads the R&D department at Seener-G, responsible for hardware and
software development as well as Quality Assurance. Vladimir has extensive experience in the
development of measurement instruments and quality control procedures.
Vladimir holds M.Sc in Engineering and physics.

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