How it Works

A variety of intelligent and non-intrusive sensors is connected throughout the factory at pre-determined places and collects precise information on energy consumption at each point.
The sensors are connected to MD 2000 hardware located in convenient locations, which collects, tags, stores and transmits the data via an appropriate communication channel (wireline, Wi-Fi, cellular, etc) to the central processing system.

At the central processing system, the data is analyzed by the Seener-G software program, and the resulting analysis is presented in a simple, clear fashion. The program provides accurate analysis of energy consumption in specified areas and can translate this information into financial terms. It also offers insight on how different devices relate to each other, identifying wasteful actions in the process. The system also proposes a series of recommended actions and procedures required, indicating the level of savings each produces. Finally, the Seener-G Energy Management System can compare the operation of specific devices and compare their results with industry standard benchmarks or manufacturer specifications to identify faulty devices .

The combination of features offers managers the tools needed to optimize the operation of all the systems in the factory, resulting in significant savings. The MD 2000 is the first available system  which delivers on the justified demand to “Show me the Money” before investments are made.

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