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Rising energy costs, concern for the environment, financial constraints and increased competition for every customer creates a compelling need for a powerful and practical energy management solution to effectively eliminate energy waste and improve energy efficiency. Knowing only the total energy consumption of a facility is not enough. Accurate tracking of the actual energy consumption of each element and fully understanding the linkage between the individual units is the key in reaching these goals.

The Company has developed the MD2000 System, which is a hardware and software-combined system that carries out energy monitoring and data analysis, supervises the energy consumption within an organization using an automatic situation room and recommends the modifications and improvements required for energy saving.

We offer our customers valuable information for a more efficient operation of the energy in their production plants, companies or places of business. We provide effective tools for comprehending the energy consumption patterns and their financial significance in order to attain significant savings in energy usage costs, without compromising the production goals or the operational patterns.

The unique analysis tools provide insights regarding the performance of the energy consumers, enable rapid identification of the sources of waste and energy inefficiency and indicate the steps required in order to improve the situation.

Our objective is to ensure our customers a quick return on their investment. We do our best in order to certify that proper management of energy consumption will give significant savings in the production costs.

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