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Rising energy costs, concern for the environment, financial constraints and increased competition for every customer creates a compelling need for a powerful and practical energy management solution to effectively eliminate energy waste and improve energy efficiency. Knowing only the total energy consumption of a facility is not enough. Accurate tracking of the actual energy consumption of each element and fully understanding the linkage between the individual units is the key in reaching these goals.

The MD 2000 incorporates a data collection component and an intelligent analysis system. A variety of industry standard, intelligent, non-intrusive sensors collect precise information on device level energy consumption. The sensors are connected to dedicated MD 2000 hardware located in convenient locations which transmits the information by any of a variety of communication channels to the central analysis system.

Unlike other solutions, the SeEnergy analysis system offers managers visibility of accurate energy consumption throughout the plant and at the device level. This unique solution provides factory managers vital insight into the performance of individual units and the relationships between interacting components in the production process. The resulting analysis is presented in a simple, clear fashion and translated into financial terms.

The results quickly identify the sources of energy inefficiency and the required course of action needed for improvement. The solution can also be used to evaluate the impact of proposed reparatory actions, indicating the level of savings achieved.

The MD 2000 Energy Management Solution provides managers with invaluable knowledge of where energy waste occurs and powerful tools to determine how to eliminate it, while utilizing the resources at their disposal in the best possible

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